Registration for e-Mandate

Simple Steps to be done prior to digitally signing your Standing Instruction Request using Net Banking

  • Standing Instruction through e-Mandate is for Domestic Customer Only.
  • You should hold an account having net banking facility with any of the banks who are live for e-Mandate registration through net banking.
  • Customer is required to fill in following mandatory details in “e-Mandate Debit Enrolment Details” form:
    • Name as per Bank records
    • Account Type
    • Account Number and Confirm Account Number
    • Amount (In Rupee and Paisa)
    • [Note: - Bill amount above this specified amount will not be processed through this Auto-Debit facility and customer can pay such bills through any other available modes]
    • Bank from drop-down option
    • Tick the option to authorize Gujarat Gas Limited to create a recurring debit instruction on my bank account (details mentioned above).
    • Fixed Amount, Maximum Amount, Start Date, and End Date (DD/MM/YYYY & Until Cancelled), Frequency, Purpose of Mandate, Authentication Mode fields are pre-filled fields and can’t be changed.
  • Upon filling aforesaid details, customer needs to click on “Next” option on the same page and “Proceed” option on the next webpage to proceed for e-Mandate registration request. Customer will be directed to netbanking webpage of bank selected in “e-Mandate Debit Enrolment Details” form. Customer can authenticate submission of e-mandate registration request through netbanking credentials there..
  • Upon successful submission of e-Mandate registration request, e-mandate may get registered successfully within 3 (Three) working days under normal circumstances. All gas bills raised subsequent to successful registration of e-Mandate, will be processed using this auto-debit facility and customer’s bank account will get auto-debited with billed amount by 3 (Three) working days before due date mentioned on gas bill. All gas bills before successful registration of e-Mandate can be paid through any other available modes.
  • Cancellation of e-Mandate for activated Auto-Debit facility may be requested by the Customer by logging into Gujarat Gas mobile app or by using the Customer login section on Gujarat Gas website
    • Customer may go to Complaints > New Complaint > Category (select “Payment Related”) and fill the following details for cancellation
      • In Subject field, write “Cancellation of e-Mandate”
      • In Message field, write Applicant’s Name, Customer ID, Applicant’s Bank, Applicant’s Bank Account Number and reference number of e-Mandate registration

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